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7 Types of Tomatoes and How to Use Each Kind

Tomato varieties

Everything you want to know about summer tomatoes, including the different types of tomatoes (cherry! globe! beefsteak!), how to store them, and why you (really) should not eat tomatoes in the off-season. And, of course, recipe suggestions! Tomato season is a glorious time of year. Farm stands are filled with […]

How to Kill Weeds Naturally

weed in a raised bed garden

Every year between April and June, I go on a weed-killing mission to eradicate garlic mustard. I pull every one of these noxious, highly invasive weeds I can get my hands on, and yank them out. Getting garlic mustard,—or any weed for that matter—under control is an incremental process requiring […]

10 Plants to Repel Mosquitoes, Flies, Spiders, and More

When it comes to the inevitable face-off between you and bugs, keeping them away from your immediate vicinity is probably top priority as they thrive during the warmer months. While there are always options like pesticides and bug traps, it certainly doesn’t hurt to explore potential natural solutions before trying harsher […]

Buried Tea Leaves in Your Garden Can do These Amazing Things!

You’ll never throw out your used tea bags again! Do you have a green thumb and do you like to spend your afternoons working in the garden? Then this is the perfect tip for you. We usually throw out our used tea bags immediately after making tea. That’s a huge […]